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We are a professional kites manufacturer in China.We provides Stunt kites,Box kites,Diamond kites,Delta kites,Bird kites,Power Kites,Parafoil kites,Dragon kites,Promotional kites,China dragon kites, Animal kites,Mini kites,Children kites,Logo kites,Parafoil kites,Kids kites,Flexifoil Kites,Line kites,Sports kites,Fish kites etc.

Stunt kites, flown with two or four lines, and also known as performance or sport kites are controllable stunt kites that do radical maneuvers in direct response to the pilot's actions. Loop through the sky, dive to the ground, or get pulled along by the power of the wind with this selection of today's stunt kites and power kites.
Stunt kites are also commonly known as sport kites. Developments in multi-line kites in recent years has allowed forms of kite flying to develop into a sport.

Stunt kites, also known as sport or acrobatic kites, offer the pilot the ability to steer the kite and perform tricks. Two lines (at a fixed length) control the kite, similar to steering a bicycle. The two flying lines are connected to handles or straps on one end and connected to the bridle of the kite on the opposite end of the line. You control the kite by pulling in one line to make it turn in that direction, if you pull the right hand line the kite will turn to the right. These kites are easy to learn how to fly but tough to master.

Beginner stunt kites are easy to fly, stable, rugged and forgiving enough to handle to handle crashes as you learn to fly your kite. Despite being designed for beginners these kites are very acrobatic and you can learn to perform many popular tricks with them.

Extreme acrobatic stunt kites, freestyle kites are designed to do all of the radical tricks in the book (540 flat spins, axels, back flips, stalls, ground effects, etc). Freestyle kites are a good choice for flyers of all skill levels who like to challenge themselves.

Delta kites, particularly the box delta kite, is widely used in aerial photography because of its airborne stability.

Delta kites come in a wide array of different colorations. Indeed, with a little effort, a person can find a delta kite in nearly any color scheme imaginable. A person, by looking around a bit, can find delta kites in precisely the design and colors desired.In some instances, kite designers add a bit to the basic design of delta kites. For example, there are a number of different versions of delta kites with modifications designed to make the kites look like dragon kites, complete with colorful tails.

Delta kites are known for their efficiency. Delta kites can loft and float easily in lighter winds. Indeed, delta kites can rise and float in much lighter wind than can most other types of kites.

Diamond kites are a perfect choice for a kite flying novice or any age. In addition, they are a wonderful choice for children who are learning how to fly kites. (Most children can, in fact, be seen flying diamond kites.)

Diamond kites are the most widely flown type of kites in the world today. Indeed, over the course of many years, diamond kites have been seen in the air more often than other types of kites.

Diamond kites , and many other kites, consist of some very basic components in their construction. (It is rather easy to build your own kites in many instances after considering the basic elements of kites, including diamond kites.)

The covers of diamond kites (and other kites as well) can be designed in a fantastic array of different styles. More often than not, the covers on diamond kites are done in bright, vibrant colors. When lofted into the sky, these brilliantly colored diamond kites truly are beautiful.

The most common of the box kites is aptly called traditional box kite. In point of fact, the traditional version of box kites are the simplest form of cellular kite produced and used throughout history. (These types of box kites are not as widely used today, however.)

Traditional box kites are flyers that absolutely match their names. They are shaped like boxes, with gaps that serve to further their aerodynamic potential. When it comes to constructing kites, traditional box kites are some of the easiest to craft and create.

Traditional box kites actually served a very important purpose during the Second World War. Traditional box kites were used to raising an emergency aerial signal when servicemen were downed at sea.

Bird kites come in a wide array of different sizes. Additionally, bird kites come in a range of different prices as well. There are inexpensive bird kites that are perfect for novice kite flyers. On the other end of the spectrum, there are custom made bird kites that truly are things to be admired.
As the name rightly implies, bird kites are those flyers that are designed in the shape and coloration of true to life birds. Because of their beauty when lofted above, many people are drawn to owning and flying bird kites. (There are even a significant block of men and women who have taken to designing and creating their own bird kites from scratch.)

As excellent gifts, Our promotional kites are widely used in advertisement. We can print various pictures, signs and words supplied by you on the advertisement and gift kites.

The promotional kite is a kind gift kite, it's price cheap lower and effect good, it's shape has more kind, for example: Diamond promotional kite, triangle promotional kite,Traditional Chinese promotional Kites, stunt promotional kite, Square promotional kites ect.

Power Kites also known as parastunters, flexifoils and parafoils can be both dual or Quad line. The unique cellular air frame harnesses the wind bringing a new excitement into the stunt and power kite realm. Portable, yet extremely powerful. Some of these kites can be used in skiing, surfing, rollerblading, mountainboarding and wakeboarding.

A power kite or traction kite is a large kite designed to provide significant pull. They come in two main forms: foils and leading edge inflatables. There are also rigid-framed kites and soft single skin kites.

Parafoil kites and Sled kites are portable, indestructible and fun to fly. Parafoil kites and sled kites are frameless flyers that fold into a pouch and can be taken anywhere. Wind fills the cells of the parafoil kite creating the kite's structure and allowing this soft kite to mysteriously take to the sky. When done flying, simply fold the kite back up for easy travel and storage. Nothing to break and easy to transport, parafoil kites and sled kites are the perfect kites for people on the go!

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